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3RD-SPC./RP PROJECT | Art Directors: Lina Franko, Andi Slawinski
      to art, science and

                                 The invitation to participate in the 3RD-SPC./RP project is an invitation to jointly promote cultural diversity as part of people’s daily life. By creating a platform for dialogue between different cultures, the most important challenge of modern societies, we want to foster an open and experimental exchange of views beyond geographical and cultural borders.

                                We wish to take this opportunity to invite you to take part in the process of creating the 3RD-SPC./RP Dialogue Platform, which through your participation, and with the help of international artists and scientists from different disciplines, can contribute to a collective search for answers to questions of great importance for the future of us all.


                                 Complete answers to the questions – what 3rd Space really is, how is it created, what meaning of the EU/rope formula is the, i.e. the European Union in the context of the European continent – will be found and shaped together within a multi-year process called the 3rd-SPACE.EU/rope.


                   As an international platform for interdisciplinary and cooperative initiatives in art and culture, the 3RD-SPC./RP project was launched in 2019 with the vision of strengthening European unity through mobilizing the diversity of European cultures, with the goal of engaging in an open, transdisciplinary and experimental exchange that defies geographical and cultural borders.

                 The concrete goal of the project is to create recurring 3rd-Spaces or third spaces in the in-between of cultures. Such intersecting locations can be found in both physical and virtual spaces, in which international artists explore different forms of cultural expression; advancing public understanding of art and culture and interacting with scientific and economic disciplines to develop innovative, process-based ways of thinking. 

               Our approach is grounded in a dynamically changing process that prioritises flexibility and openness, subsequently learning from experience and constantly redefining itself. Inputs from the local community are processed and introduced into the public sphere in the form of new impulses - in this way questioning and exploring the accepted validity of existing social norms and traditions.

                Art festivals, exhibitions, theatre performances, film, music and literary events, as well as international residency programs and symposia are all make up the ten-year transdisciplinary program initiated and organised within the framework of the 3RD-SPC./RP and the Croatian-German cooperative structure of two art associations, RIZOM [ K ] and RHIZOM [ D ] under the overall direction of Lina Franko and Andi Slawinski.


                The project is based in the premises of the art association RIZOM [ K ] in the Frankopan Castle, situated in the town of Kraljevica in Croatia. A decentralised exhibition program has also been transposed to the diverse settings of other institutions across Croatia and Germany.


/        Longevity
/        Connectivity
/                 Cooperation

/        Diversity
/        Art

/                 Science
/                 Europe
/     Platform
/     Dialogue
/                      Future

/                       Goals

3RD-SPC./RP project
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