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3RD-SPC./RP PROJECT | Art Directors: Lina Franko, Andi Slawinski
      to art, science and

                                 The invitation to participate in the 3RD-SPC./RP project is an invitation to jointly promote cultural diversity as part of people’s daily life. By creating a platform for dialogue between different cultures, the most important challenge of modern societies, we want to foster an open and experimental exchange of views beyond geographical and cultural borders.

                                We wish to take this opportunity to invite you to take part in the process of creating the 3RD-SPC./RP Dialogue Platform, which through your participation, and with the help of international artists and scientists from different disciplines, can contribute to a collective search for answers to questions of great importance for the future of us all.


                                 Complete answers to the questions – what 3rd Space really is, how is it created, what meaning of the EU/rope formula is the, i.e. the European Union in the context of the European continent – will be found and shaped together within a multi-year process called the 3rd-SPACE.EU/rope.


                   The 3RD-SPC./RP project acts as a link between local and European cultural institutions. It brings together international visual artists, writers, musicians, actors and scientists who develop transdisciplinary projects through various forms of cooperation from August 1, 2020 to August 8, 2030.

                 Each year their comprehensive projects are crowned by 3rd-SPACE.EU/rope summer festivals in Kraljevica. The gathering of artists belonging to diverse cultures transforms the Frankopan Castle and the town of Kraljevica into a picturesque third space, providing a platform for dialogue, production and discussion. Symposia, concerts, video and film screenings, exhibitions and performances coexist and enrich each other.

               By generating modern, liberal and intercultural ways of thinking, we embark on a quest to explore different forms of creative cooperation that will help prevent the breakdown of communities and bring them together in their diversity. Individual participants have a dual role: on the one hand, they play their profession’s "traditional" role, while on the other hand, they take on the role of citizens who represent (political) attitudes outside their own artistic production or scientific work.

                Our goal is to initiate change locally, within the individual, but that continues within the community and goes beyond. That is why the artists who participate in the project are, above all, capable of and interested in involving the general public in their work as well as in absorbing impulses from the audience, and favour such creation over work in an isolated self-referential way.


                Our approach is not based on the standard way of organising festivals where celebrities put in an appearance for the sole purpose of achieving commercial success.


                Our goal is to establish long-term cooperations and relationships with the local population and the region, which will continue after the project has ended.

/        Longevity
/        Connectivity
/                 Cooperation

/        Diversity
/        Art

/                 Science
/                 Europe
/     Platform
/     Dialogue
/                      Future

/                       Goals

3RD-SPC./RP project
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