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Join the two Art Associations

RIZOM [ K ] + RHIZOM [ D ]

We are inviting you to join the Croatian Art Association RIZOM [ K ], based in the Frankopan Castle in Kraljevica in order to take part in the process of creating the 3rd-SPACE.EU/rope dialogue platform, which through your participation, and with the help of international artists and scientists from different disciplines, can contribute to a collective search for answers to questions of great importance for the future of us all.

Complete answers to the questions – what 3rd Space really is, how is it created, what meaning of the EU/rope formula is the, i.e. the European Union in the context of the European continent – will be found and shaped together within a ten-year process called the 3rd-SPACE.EU/rope..


To become a member, print and fill out this MEMBERSHIP FORM and send it to :

Vesna Kolić, Head of Development:

Two associations for the promotion of culture and art cultural cycle and exchange in EU/ rope

RHIZOM [ D ] + RIZOM [ K ]

/       Rhizome
/                Synergetic projects
/                Partnership
/       Longevity
/       Cooperation

                         Rhizome is not only the name of our association, it is also the leading metaphor of our project. The term refers to the philosophical concept developed by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari.

                        In botany, rhizome is defined as a tuber or root, that is, the place where all nutrients accumulate.
But in the context of living abroad, the word rhizome (root) has a deeper meaning. That is why, when selecting artists, we give preference to those who create in several languages or who, by their roots or origins, bring an additional dimension to the culture of the country they live in.
                        According to the rhizome model, all dependencies and relationships are variable and independent of hierarchical relationships. As a            cultural model, the rhizome contradicts the organizational structure of the root tree system (Plato), which shows the linear causality and gradation of elements wherein each element is subordinate to only one higher level. The rhizome has no centre, top or bottom and does not distinguish important from unimportant.

                        It grows and thrives as a postmodern monad, always connected but autonomous, therefore strong and almost indestructible.

3rd-SPACE.EU/rope was launched as a German-Croatian long-term project, and was realized in cooperation with two associations for the promotion of culture and art, RIZOM [K] and RHIZOM [D].

                        The goal of cooperation between the two associations is to lay international bases and foundations for the organization and implementation of intercultural, interdisciplinary and synergetic projects that develop innovative approaches and ideas through the interaction of art and scientific disciplines.

          University Cooperation, Conferences
Residential Programmes

                                     Our approach is based on establishing long-term cooperation and relationships with the local population and the region, both in Kvarner and throughout Croatia. Through transdisciplinary exchange, we want to encourage the community’s growth and, through individual ideas and with the aim of collecting innovative narratives, to promote Europe’s common future.

                         An especially important component of our project is open discourse. Our goal is to organize by 2030 a transdisciplinary programme consisting of art festivals and exhibitions, theatre, film, music and literary events, international residency programmes, symposia, conferences and individual projects.

                                     The 3rd-SPACE.EU/rope project provides a framework for cooperation between German and Croatian universities. More precisely, Peter Behrens School of Arts and the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka have already started cooperating.

                        We also intend to organize educational programmes aimed at the public’s more intensive involvement in artistic creation. These will take the form of discussions, workshops, thematic fora, round tables, programmes and creative workshops for children and youth.

                        For the purpose of long-term promotion of interactive culture and art in Europe, we organize international residency programmes. Artists, writers, actors, musicians, philosophers and art historians are offered the opportunity to spend one to three months in the premises of the RIZOM [ K ] art association in Frankopan Castle in Kraljevica and present themselves to the public through workshops, exhibitions and book tours.

invitation to art, science & society
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01.08.2020 - 08.08.2030

3rd-Space.EU/rope Project is a non-profit organization. 
Sponsors, partners and supporters of 3rd-Space.EU/rope contribute to a diverse, artistically sophisticated program with unique selling points and thus effective, sustainable cultural promotion. 

Any kind of contribution, be it financial, material or non-material, helps us to develop, realize and improve our projects and thereby contributes to the cultural dialogue in and for Europe.

For a personal introduction and more information, please contact:
Vesna Kolić, Head of Development:





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